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Who we are, where we come from, and where we're going.

Who we are

CVSOM is a Valley School, run by Valley Churches that provides convenient, affordable, and practical training for people called to ministry in the church.


  • one-night-a-week courses
  • weekend seminars


  • low tuition fees
  • reasonable materials costs


  • classroom with in-ministry training
  • personal mentoring
  • applicable to Church ministry
  • interactions with peers

CVSOM'S focus is the training of young men and women interested in church, non-profit, and marketplace ministries. Whether you are called or are beginning to sense a call, we exist to help you serve more fully and effectively as servant leaders in and through the local church.

Where we come from

Central Valley School of Ministry began in the Fall of 2005 as a local church-based ministry training school serving the Central California San Joaquin Valley. CVSOM was started to meet the need for convenient, accessible, and practical ministry training for leaders serving in the local church but who don't require a seminary degree. In the first twelve years, hundreds of students have completed the one-year ministry training program as their next step in following Jesus into ministry.

Where we're headed

Our goal at CVSOM is to be a resource of training and equipping for local churches and their potential leaders. Rather than striving for a degree, this one-year program leads to Ministry Training and Certification. However, both the level of instruction and learning hours are comparable to courses offered by an accredited Bible college. Transferability is available with Life Pacific College, The King's University, California Christian College , and South Eastern University. Our desire is to see hundreds more men and women utilize CVSOM to gain a clear understanding of who they are in Christ and equip them to fulfill their purpose in following Him.

What this means for you

Is God calling you to take your next step in preparing for ministry? Are you trying to figure out what that next step might be? If you are feeling drawn to doing more (or different) things but don't know where to start, CVSOM may be a great resource for you. We are committed to helping our students be the best they can be in their calling, even if they don't exactly know what that is yet. We are training workers for the Harvest field. By enrolling in CVSOM you are recognizing your call to be one of those workers.

Beyond that, if you're ready to explore more about our beliefs and core values, click on the links below.